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PROJECT TITLE: Whimsy Delights Gourmet Ice Cream

MY ROLE: Development, Brand Identity, Packaging, Copywriting, Illustration, Layout, Art Direction


TOOLS USED: Illustrator, Photoshop


THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE: Whimsy Delights is a personal portfolio project. Imagine a wizard creating his own ice cream company; this brand is the result of that. 

Research and Discovery: I looked at the current top ice cream companies, such as Ben & Jerry's. and Baskin-Robbins, and there is no denying that the color in their brand brings a sense of fun. I wanted to do something similar but slightly more whisical and sophisticated with custom illustrations. Willy Wonka was a big inspiration for the illustration design. 

Concept Development: An ice cream forest was my chosen concept, and I wanted it to be something whose colors could be changed based on the flavor. I created the design in black and white, as seen in "Cookies and Cream," and then proceeded to add colors. 

Design Execution:

Developed the final logo, illustration, typography, and Ads.

The Ads were made with the concept of Ice Cream being its own entity and companion who can be there on your good days and bad days.

Luna De Miel Logo-web.png
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