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Does anyone else get existential-crisis
when asked who they are?

I'm a queer dreamer and Latina who loves life. I'm a very passionate Aquarius and a hardcore social justice warrior. I'm all about Studio Ghibli on cloudy days! Disney / Pixar all year round to stay happy and Musicals on bad days to remind myself life is fun. I love to cry to a good book and love playing video games, taking care of my plants and coming up with new projects daily. I handle life with a lot of dramatic humor and solo trips and have an orange cat and a cow looking dog to keep me laughing. 
Okay, let's get serious now!
I'm a freelancer based in Las Vegas. I thrive on creativity and wanted a space where I could fully express myself and do the things that make me happy without limitations. Take a look around and stay awhile.

I believe that design is a need for positive change within our community. Whether it's through thought-provoking visuals that wake up social transformations, creating educational materials, or collaborating on projects that focus on human rights, I find inspiration in the incredible potential of design to leave a lasting, meaningful impact. From the worst of people to the best of people; marketing and design had an impact on their movements and this sentiment is true in our current reality as well. -KC

I also think everyone should know I spent entirely too much time finding gifs of my favorite shows to make this not boring. 

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