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Does anyone else get existential-crisis

when asked who they are?

I'm a very annoying millennial. *no shame*


A very passionate Aquarius.


A hardcore social justice warrior.

( Think Jonah from superstore )

Studio Ghibli on cloudy days!

Hot Cheetos & Takis.

I stay thirsty for Disney / Pixar.

Musicals are my go-to because singing.

I love me some good books! 

& I handle life with a lot of dramatic humor. 



Okay, let's get serious now!


I'm a freelancer based in Las Vegas

& I like to call whatever this is

(I went with creative studio to keep it simple) my quarter-life crisis project.


I thrive on considering myself a creative

person & wanted a space where I could fully express myself & do the things that make me

happy without limitations. 

This studio is ran by me with the incredible help of Royce (My creative partner by law)

& the company of my incredibly weird dog, Captain!

I also think everyone should know I spent entirely too much time finding gifs of my favorite shows to make this not boring. 

Luna De Miel Logo_v2-01.png
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