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I'm Kathy Cuadra :)

I'm a visual artist based in Las Vegas. I specialize in graphic design and graphic illustrations with a strong background in graphic print production.

I believe that design is essential for positive change within our community. Whether it's through thought-provoking visuals that inspire social transformation, creating educational materials, or collaborating on projects that focus on human rights, I find inspiration in the incredible potential of design to leave a lasting, meaningful impact. From the worst to the best of people, marketing and design have influenced their movements, and this sentiment holds true in our current reality as well.

About Luna De Miel Creative Studio:
I thrive on creativity and wanted a space where I could fully express myself and do the things that make me happy without limitation. This is how Luna De Miel was created.


Fun Fact About Me:
I'm currently visiting all 50 states. I have 34 to go!

I Can Help You With:
Graphic design, custom illustrations, UI/UX design, art direction, creative strategy, brand messaging, content creation for social media, event branding, tradeshow graphics design, landing pages, web graphics, packaging design, visual content creation, custom crafts, event planning, stationery, photography, videography, and so much more!

If you are curious about my personality, you can read more here:
I'm a queer DACA recipient Latina who loves life. I'm a very passionate human and stand by human rights. I'm all about Studio Ghibli on cloudy days, Pixar for design inspiration, and musicals on bad days to remind myself life is fun. I love to cry to a good book, enjoy playing video games, taking care of my plants, and coming up with new projects daily. I handle life with a lot of humor and have an orange cat and a cow-looking dog to keep me laughing.

Take a look around and stay awhile!

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