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MY ROLE: Development, Copywriting, Brand Identity,
Packaging, Illustration, Layout


TOOLS USED: Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop

TARGET AUDIENCE: 19 to mid 30s and EDM Latin music lovers.

Exceso is an event created by 333, a Latin Event Promoter; based in Vegas that specializes in Latin EDM. Exceso is all about color and psychedelics with futuristic elements. It's for the people by the people.

Research and Discovery: I researched big companies like Insomniac and their events such as EDC, among other music festivals. What I noticed is how amazing they do the merch. So I wanted the people of 333 to feel how special they are to them by providing them with a similar merch experience with the purchase of their ticket. 333 wanted the people to interact through art.

Concept Development: The poster is meant to be a symbol of the excitement of the event. She is a higher being and a goddess of EDM music, representing people from all walks of life. She is the main character of the event. 

Design Execution: Developed the illustration, color palette, and brand guidelines. Designed additional assets like merch, social media posts and event graphics. 

Luna De Miel Logo-web.png
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