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PROJECT TITLE: Spaghetti Symphony

MY ROLE: Development, Art Direction, Copywriting, Brand Identity, Packaging, Illustration, Layout


TOOLS USED: Illustrator, Photoshop

TARGET AUDIENCE: Mid-20s to Mid-70s, lovers of Jazz and Experimental Music

Spaghetti Symphony is a personal project—a Musical Lounge and Restaurant offering experimental music and experimental food.

Research and Discovery: Took inspiration from old Italian and American movies. My favorite kind of marketing involves pieces that intrigue you enough to Google on your own, eliciting that "oohh, what is that" feeling.

Concept Development: My main focus was creating bold advertisements for the various events happening daily at the lounge. I provided minimal information, focusing on the lounge name and using black and white images to pique curiosity and encourage people to seek out more information on their own.

Luna De Miel Logo-web.png
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